1. xxxxsexyllamas:

    Dan after he takes a shower: Dan Towell

    Dan in a bad mood: Dan Fowell

    Dan stays up all night: Dan Owell

    Dan gets angry: Dan Growell

    Dan learns grammar: Dan Vowell

    Dan gets married: Dan Lester

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  4. richwhitemom:

    by the way of his face you can tell he’s proud of me

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  6. skate-high:

    I was having a bad day until I randomly got a text from a wrong number with nothing but this picture


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  7. generalbooty:

    yeah so i slept with this dude last night and idk we were chatting a bit  during the sexy time and for some reason his birthday came up and i was like “wait 25th of september? DUDE me TOO, wtf thats such a coincidence” and he was like “really? we have the same birthday? are u fuckin with me?” and i just looked down at his penis literally inside my vagina and was like “well technically yeah” and he was like haha nice one and high fived me

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  8. nishlo:

    when people jokingly pick on u but its something ur sensitive about


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  9. officialfrenchtoast:

    when you’re lying and ur bestfriend backs u up


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    Cleveland baseball fans stand against racism by #DeChiefing their gear

    In the past few months, debate surrounding the use of racial caricatures as pro sports mascots has reached a fever pitch. Just ask the Washington Redskins, who’ve endured significant backlash for both their refusal to change their name and their half-assed attempts to placate their critics.

    But a few miles west, fans of the MLB’s Cleveland Indians are taking a stand. In a motion of solidarity, a small but growing number have been “de-Chiefing” their paraphernalia by removing the offensive “Chief Wahoo” mascot from caps and jerseys that bear its likeness.

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    I like this a LOT. I don’t know who else can make these teams change at this point other than their own fans.


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  11. thosefreshguys:

    No matter how much we fight over the stupidest things, no matter what happens between us or what people think about us, I’m always going to love you..

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  14. Photos by Adam Elmakias

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  15. thaibrator:

    when he buys you the coat u wanted

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