1. luuciifeer:

    Just let that sink in xD


  2. ambidexterous:


    so hey fun fact for anyone who wants queer history trivia: the first disco in Seattle was opened in 1973 and was a gay bar called “shelly’s leg” and it was named after a dancer named shelly who lost her leg in a confetti cannon accident and used the insurance/lawsuit settlement money to open a gay disco.

    a) This is such a fantastic story that I wouldn’t care if it were made up, except that

    b) upon further research, it does appear to be true

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    'I fucked up'.

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    The Sims Tumblr Posts

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  5. senor-cactuar:

    the avengers?

    how about the international justice league of super acquaintances


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  6. fun fact



    baby groot’s dance moves are 100% the same as james gunn, yknow, the friggin director

    what’s even better is that the animators needed a video of him dancing to use as reference, and he was so embarrassed about his dancing that he cleared everyone out of the room and filmed it all by himself

    this is the best news ive heard all day

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  7. bangcaster:

    you can still be thick and have a thigh gap 


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  8. clracomalfoy:

    drarry au in which the slytherins slip draco a 24-hour love potion so that he falls in love with harry potter

    and they’re all laughing watching him drink it and they watch him all day waiting for him to make a fool of himself

    and he doesn’t act any different

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  9. sacredcheese:

    I wish they could understand

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    Creative kid. More creative mom.

    fucking idiot got owned

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  14. stevebuckey:

    i want to be just like groot: cute and harmless looking but a complete fucking scary ass rage machine if you piss me off or fuck with my friends

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  15. badmooonrising:



    okay but imagine at Fred’s funeral George and Mrs. Weasley are standing together by his coffin

    and George is trying so hard not to cry

    and in a last-ditch attempt to cope with it in the only way he knows how, using humor, he turns to Mrs. Weasley and says, “you’ll be able to tell us apart now, anyway, Mum”

    and then he just breaks down sobbing





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